3 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated at Work

We are at the half way mark of the year. This is a good time to check in to see how you are feeling about the work that you are doing and offer you the opportunity to make adjustments so that you can enhance your results. Have you been finding it rather challenging to stay motivated lately? Use the following techniques to help you make shifts so that you can finish the year strong and position yourself for the level of success that you desire.

  1. Get Clear About Your Why: For better or for worse, the fact is that most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. If you have been finding it hard to stay motivated at work, take the time to assess what’s going on and remind yourself of your why. We are all motivated by different things. Understand what motivates you and how you behave when you are truly motivated. Revisit the goals that you have for your career to see where you are with those goals. Remind yourself about why you are doing the work that you do and/or why you are working in a particular industry. Bring your why to the forefront to help you push through the low periods and move forward.


  1. Leverage Your Strengths: Are you truly tapping into your strengths at work? If you are not really clear about your strong points, get pen and paper or use technology, and start writing down areas where you are good, areas where you know that you excel. Don’t feel that you can do this activity on your own? Enlist the help of others to get perspective. Once you have completed the list, look to see which ones relate to the position that you are in and decide how you can begin to integrate your strong points into your work. Figure out ways that you can leverage your strengths at work, no matter how small of a start. There is a certain personal boost that comes with using your strengths in the work in which you are engaged.


  1. Celebrate Progress: Acknowledge the positives as well as forward movement, this is crucial to bolstering you to deal with all that is happening within and outside of the workplace. Yes, we have a lot on our to-do list and some days it might seem like the list is longer that the amount of hours that we have in the work day. With all of that, make it a practice and give yourself the space to acknowledge the progress that you have made, no matter how small. Celebrate your advancements; the efforts that are bringing you closer to your goals. I am hoping that you are not just working for work’s sake, but that you are building a career and a life!


Get To Know Our Guest Author:

Simone Wilson 

Simone Wilson is a certified career coach, workshop facilitator and founder of Wilson Rose Solutions, which specializes in career strategy coaching and organizational consulting. Simone is committed to helping professionals design and implement action strategies to achieve career goals and move to their next level of success. You can follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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