HealthHires Packs

A Plan For Your Needs

As a small business ourselves, we know what it’s like to want quality services at affordable prices. This was the basis of our pricing structure. Need help at any time? Contact us via the small chatbox on the side!

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Each Post Extends To A Huge Network That Includes:

(The Above Exludes Our Basic Plan)

A Few FAQ’s

When Does My Post Go Live?

Almost immediately. Once you post an ad, we will review to make sure all is in order, and post to the community!

What If I Don’t See My Post?

Email us immediately at We will look into the issue – and if this is something on our part, will give you extra days worry-free

Can I Hire Any Role In My Healthcare Business?

Absolutely! You are not limited here. If you need anywhere from cleaning staff to Physician Assistants, you’ll find it here.

Do I Have To Pay Monthly?

Nope! None of the plans above are re-occuring (unless we state so later). So you make your purchases once and thats it!

What Happens After Purchasing The Recruitment Plan?

Once payment goes through, we will contact you to get a feel for the professional you’re seeking and send candidates to your preffered model (dashboard or email) daily

Who Keeps Our Payment Information?

We use the safe and secured line of Paypal for monetary transactions. We at HealthHires do not keep your payment information in our systems, however, may keep your address for ease of next time. 

What If We Don’t Have A Paypal Account?

No worries! Before the payment goes through, you will have the choice of continuing without creating an account, sign in, or set one up before the payment goes through.

What If We Need To Post More Than 5 Listings? 

As we said, we’re here for you, so the easiest thing would be to purchase another Up To Five pack and reach out to us if you’re looking for 15 posts.