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Brooklyn Wellness PopUp

A traveling fitness workshop created for women interested in strengthening their core or the alignment of their mind, body and soul.

About this Event

The Yoni Popping Pop-Up Tour is an extension of her platform. The traveling fitness workshop was created for women interested in holistically strengthening their core, or the alignment of their mind, body, and soul. It’s an open space exclusively curated by Nerissa and her team, that allows women to express themselves while channeling their feminine energy. So far, there has been pop-ups in Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, D.C., Brooklyn, Miami, Atlanta, and many more cities to come.

The women who attend these workshops, engage in full body workouts, intimate dialogue on femininity, sex, healing, fitness, and guided meditation provided by Nerissa’s husband, M-1 of the legendary hip hop group Dead Prez. Through the guided meditation, M-1 brings balance, the presence of masculine energy, and the alignment of the chakras. There is also a pop-up shop available before and after each class where attendees can shop for yoni popping products.

All women who attend are encouraged to focus on self-love, confidence, and soul healing. It’s a hands-on experience of free expression. There’s laughter, love, connection, and adornment.

Yoni Popping as an activity, is just another name for “kegels”, which involves repeatedly contracting your pelvic muscles (the muscles that control your urination flow). These kegel techniques are a fun way to enhance the full body workouts done during the Yoni Popping workshops. Lotus eggs can be used to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles as well. Lotus is the name Nerissa gave to her yoni/jade eggs, which are carved pieces of stones that are in the shape of an egg. They are basically “vagina weights” that come in small, medium, and large sizes. Every stone carries a set of healing properties. Using Lotus eggs can help bring awareness and connectedness to the body, as well as increase the chance of having an orgasmic sexual experience.

The Yoni Popping workshops are also very informational when it comes to proper feminine healthcare, and reaching higher levels of intimacy and understanding within ourselves and with our partners.

Things needed for the class: Yoga mat, Workout clothing, Water

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