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HealthHires is a platform created specifically for employers who are serious about finding/hiring talent, and professionals looking to advance their careers.

With that said, our job post pricing structure is one that matches the quality service we offer employers of our website since we are, after all, very hands-on.

Should you and/or your team need help with making a decision (or have more posts you’d need), simply contact us via the small chatbox on the side or shoot us an email!

Basic Plan


Per month

Network Plan


Per month

Recruitment Plan


Per month

All Plans Include:

  • 30 days listing per post
  • Hands-on support
  • View full applicant profiles
  • Candidate management
  • Application alerts 
  • Hands-on support with candidate search + candidate suggestions
  • Promotion to HealthHires network (newsletters, school partner networks, extended searches)
  • Access to networking community

Frequently asked questions

So long as the business is healthcare focused, yes. Just note that our main focus is in Administrative to Clinically Licensed Professionals.

Examples Include:

  • C-Level professionals and Directors
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Nursing Professionals
  • Technicians and Technologists

Absolutely! Our plans work at the pace of your business. You can upgrade and downgrade depending on the flow of your business. Or, contact us for an annual or semi-annual plan for ease (discounts included)!

*Make sure to make the changes needed before the next subscription payment

  • Post job openings on the platform
  • Post events free * (limited time)
  • Create groups and socialize with peers/healthcare professionals
  • Request assistance from other employers/agencies that may have the right candidate
  • Find resources for business growth and/or connect with our partners
  • Get partner perks!

  • 30 days listing per post
  • View full applicant profiles
  • Candidate management
  • Application alerts 
  • Hands-on support with candidate search + candidate suggestions
  • Promotion to HealthHires networks (newsletters, partner schools, social platforms)

Although no one can 100% ensure quality candidates, we do our best to give you the best talent(s) as possible.

How we do this:

  • Members of our platforms cannot apply to any listings until they fully complete their profiles. We focus on quality vs quantity
  • We have a strict policy that states members who become no-shows during interviews are removed from our system (we do give 2 chances because things may happen)
  • It’s not just ‘post a job and done’ with us. Although we are not recruiters, we as a small business do work on ensuring the businesses that use our platform find the best picks possible. We on our end connect back with our network or help find only serious candidates that we connect back to our website.

For our platform, we use Paypal as our processor.

This processor is one that is safe to use, and no, we do not collect your credit card information. The subscription is run on their end, and would as well be stopped from their side. 

If you don’t already have an account with them, no worries! You can either choose to create one (recommended for ease) or pay without. 

As we like to say, if you’re hiring, we’re here to help.

HealthHires helps a variety of businesses. From private practices and schools, to agencies and recruiting companies.

We just want to make the healthcare hiring process as simple for those looking to hire as possible

Have any other questions not addressed here? Contact Us

what we Can Promise

Professionals of quality

Applicants who are serious about their next steps

Hands-on support throughout your search