HealthHires Social Guidelines

Hey there!

Thanks for joining HealthHires. Before joining groups and networking with peers, please be sure to read and digest some of the rules we have below.

The purpose of our guideline is to make sure we have smooth transitions and movements on the platform.


  • Get to know your peers! Best way to start the networking process is to come in and introduce yourself. We’ll do our best to give new group members a proper shoutout/introduction, but delve in. Some ideas include:
    • Telling a little about yourself/background in healthcare
    • Stating whom you’re looking to connect with
    • Add into conversations already posted, or, if you’re fearless, start a conversation of your own
  • Be respectful. We’re not looking to build a toxic environment so please remember that although we all differ in opinions, we all do need to respect one another. We’re not asking for much here.
  • No offensive talk. This includes:
    • Racism, Sexism, Politics (in terms of name-calling. You can discuss… but know the limits), slander.
    • Remember that this is a platform for professionals. If this is not of interest. please leave so that we don’t have to close your account – which we can do with a 0 tolerance rule.


  • To tag someone in a conversation, use the “@” symbol. So @username
  • If you have a question, it’s best to ask your group/community/discussion board but if it’s something you’re not able to get rectified, contact one of your Community Managers/HealthHires Leaders (their information listed below)

Community Managers

We’re going to keep growing this list as new managers come on board, but below are HealthHires members that are here to help with any questions you may have while in any of the groups, or anywhere on the platform.

  • Starah Joseph (@sjoseph7)- Founder
  • Raynetta (@Raynetta)- Lead Community Manager
  • Doiba (@eshofonied) – Community Manager