Here’s The Glaring Truth Why Your Resume Alone Isn’t Getting You Interviews

You may have crafted a superb looking resume – clean layout, clear work history, and accomplishments duly highlighted and contact details of your referees perfectly captured. You might have even hired professional resume writers and was confident that you email would swell with replies and responses. Yet after sending a mass of them out, no job interview has been forthcoming.

“What might I be doing wrong enough to make recruiters overlook my resume?” you start to question.

Sounds familiar, right?

If you’ve submitted resumes and got no calls for interviews, then maybe it’s time you conclude that your resume isn’t worth its job. The sad truth here is, if your resume isn’t sweet enough to earn you a few interviews, then it probably belongs in the trash-bin.

Recruiters receive dozens, even hundreds, of them and can’t possibly comb through each. To cull the hundreds of resumes down, they’ll not bother to review every piece carefully, and maybe yours was rubbishy.

To help you design and deliver a resume that stands out, therefore, avoid the following:

  • Not demonstrating your flexibility

It’s almost palpable that you will not be doing the same job you were for in five years time given that change is unprecedented. And so, your resume should show how you’ve progressed professionally ever since your graduation. Remember, your resume expresses how you evolve and meet the dynamic needs of the modern world.

  • Failing to justify your skills and expertise

After writing that you are a team-player, someone capable of meeting tight deadlines and can thrive in new territories with ease, do justify how each is true. By failing to highlight the projects that communicate your effectiveness, recruiters will view you as a joke.

  • Making it appear too generic

Generic means it is ordinary with no information that packs a punch persuasive enough to convince the recruiters that you are the best candidate for the job. As long as it is another “copy and paste” type of resume, like those freely downloaded from the web, don’t be surprised when it is turned down. When it reads like the dozens, no employer will be willing to go through it.

  • Skipping your ‘Accomplishments and Referees’

Amidst the cut-throat competition in the job market, it is a grave mistake to email out a resume that details zero accolades and accomplishments. A resume that stands out is that whose descriptions include an exciting track record of awards and achievements. Every employer would love to hire a winner whose accomplishments are backed up by referees who are accessible.

  • Sending out poorly crafted resumes

The reason for sending out a resume is to offer a slight ‘glimpse’ of who you are and why you could be the best fit for a job. You can contact Hughes AC for more info. However, it should look decent, professionally-written and enticing with short, concise paragraphs. Employers do skim through it and if it has a massive wall of text, don’t be shocked to learn that you never made it to the interview stage.

  • Finally and most importantly, using today’s standard job boards

You cannot put your best foot forward and win over the hearts of potential employers when you package yourself as someone who doesn’t suit the job advertised. To increase your chances of getting an interview, we’ve designed a system to get you seen based on your accomplishments, work preferences, and goals. With HealthHires, you are no longer seen as just another job applicant. Instead, you showcase yourself and get employers to contact you about openings instead of the other way around. The days of applying to multiple job listings are now over.

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