Ambulatory Care Nurse


Career Description

Ambulatory Care Nurses are licensed Registered Nurses (-this career is a branch from the RN field). These nurses prefer to work outside of the hospital scene in places such as insurance companies and correctional facilities with the purpose of assessing patients for long-term care.

Job Responsibilities

  • Educate patients about healthcare maintenance

  • Provide general health care

  • Conduct medical screenings

  • Assist in pain management

  • Monitor and record patients health

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (or) Associates Degree in Nursing

  • +2 years of on the job experience

Important Courses & Info:

  • Physiology

  • Biology

  • Psychology

License and/or Certification

  • Registered Nurse (RN) License

  • Ambulatory Care Nurse Certification – This includes documenting 2000 hours of clinical experience in Ambulatory Care Nursing


Median: $50,000 [Varies by Agency]

Valuable Skills and Qualities

This career is good for people who are:

  • Good communications (written and oral)

  • Self motivated

  • Helpful (altruistic personality)

  • Critical thinkers

  • Patient

Work Environment/ Setting  

Clinics, Workplaces,  Schools, Outpatient surgery centers, Physician offices, Health Care Centers, Correctional Facilities, Health insurance companies

Similar Careers

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  • Pediatric Nurse

  • Home Healthcare Nurse

  • Case Management Nurse