Alt Names: Licensed Audiologist, Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Career Description

Audiologists are responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and managing people who have hearing, balance, and/or other ear related issues. They are also authorized to fit, test, and supply hearing aids to patients should they require them.

Job Responsibilities

  • Examine patients who have hearing, imbalance, or any other difficulties with their ears

  • Assess and administer treatment

  • (treatments may include) fitting, testing, and supplying hearing aids for patients

  • Keep tabs on patients (during and after treatment) for progress

  • Help patients and their families find alternative ways to communicate with loved ones (sign language, lip reading, etc)

  • Conduct research to stay on top of latest technologies, and to find out about latest research studies in causes and treatments of hearing and balance disorders

Education & Training

  • Completion of accredited 4 years of college (Bachelors degree)

  • Earn Doctoral degree in Audiology (Au.D or PhD)

  • Minimum of 1,820 hours of supervised clinical practice

License and/or Certification

  • MUST earn license in all states in order to work

  • Can earn Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) – Offered by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  • Can earn credential from American Board of Audiology


2010 Median salary $66,660* [Source:]

Valuable Skills & Qualities

This occupation is good for people who are:

  • Organized
  • Empathetic
  • Decisive
  • Interested in developing psychomotor skills
  • Trustworthy

Work Environment/Setting

Ear, Nose, & Throat clinics, Private Practices, Hospitals, School Systems including colleges and universities, VA Hospitals