Dental Laboratory Technician

Dental Laboratory Technician

Alt Names:  Dental Ceramist, Dental Appliance Technician, Crown and Bridge Technician

Career Description

Dental Laboratory Technicians are a mix of artists and scientists for the field of dentistry. They use mold or impressions from patients teeth to create dentures, crowns, bridges, or other dental appliances at

Job Responsibilities

  • Create full or partial dentures

  • Sculpt or carve individual teeth

  • Create and repair dental appliances such as: veneers, crowns, caps, etc)

  • Follow detailed design orders from dentist

  • Cover frameworks and molds with mixtures to allow them to set

Education & Training

  • High school diploma

  • (some places require) Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

  • Training with Dental Lab Tech professional

License and/or Certification

Earn Dental Laboratory Technician Certification from accredited program


Median: $35,140 []

Valuable Skills & Qualities

This career is good for people who are:

  • Quick learners

  • Interested in the field of Dentistry, but preferr the arts and sciences side

  • Independent

  • Self motivated

Work Environment/Setting

Dental laboratories