Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician

Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician

Alt Names: Optical Mechanic, Precision Optical Fabrication Technician, Optical Goods Worker, Surfacing Technician

Career Description

Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians are responsible for the making of prescription glasses as well as contact lenses. These professionals also have the luxury of transcending their expertise in creating lenses for binoculars, microscopes, and other optical instruments.

Job Responsibilities

  • Cut and grind lenses

  • Prepare cutting equipment

  • Edge and coat lenses

  • Mount lenses into specified frames

  • Examine broken lenses

  • Measure and shape lenses

Education & Training

  • High school diploma is minimum requirement

  • No post-secondary program/school required

Important Courses & Info:

  • Training and skills are learned on the job

  • To better understand this occupation, it is recommended (but not necessary) to take high school courses in design and industrial arts

License and/or Certification

  • No license and/or Certifications required


2010 Median Salary: $27,970 per year [Source:BLS.Gov]

Valuable Skills & Qualities

This occupation is good for people who are:

  • Organized

  • Visionary

  • Quick learners

  • Self motivated

  • Patient

  • Dexterous

Work Environment/Setting

Laboratories, offices of Optometrists, health stores and pharmacies, Ophthalmologist offices

Similar Careers

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  • Dispensing Optician

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